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Deepfake technology is indeed a game-changer in the film industry, offering numerous benefits that extend beyond traditional filmmaking methods. One of the most significant advantages is the flexibility it provides to actors and models with tight schedules.

For instance, an A-list actor who is in high demand may have multiple film projects lined up back-to-back throughout the year. With deepfake technology, they can be "on set" for these films without physically being there. Their face can be digitally mapped onto a stand-in's body, allowing them to appear in more films than their schedule would traditionally allow. This not only saves them time but also reduces the physical strain of long shooting hours.



Moreover, this technology can also help actors and models maximize their earnings. Let's say an actor typically makes $20 million per film and can only realistically commit to two films per year due to scheduling constraints. With deepfake technology, they could potentially double or even triple their annual earnings by agreeing to have their likeness used in additional films. This could result in an additional income of $40 million to $60 million per year, depending on the number of extra projects they take on.

Furthermore, deepfake technology can also benefit retired actors or those who wish to reduce their workload without completely stepping away from the limelight. They could continue to make appearances in films using deepfake technology while enjoying their retirement or focusing on other interests.

In addition, deepfake technology can also be beneficial for preserving an actor's image at a particular age. For example, an actor who has gained popularity for a specific role at a certain age can continue to reprise that role using deepfake technology, even as they age in real life.



  • no tight schedules

  • no long shooting hours

  • no time-consuming takes

  • more annual film appearances 

  • higher earnings

  • the opportunity to retire from acting but still earning money without falling into elderly poverty​

  • the opportunity for child-stars to live on in new movies or TV series while they age in real life

  • the opportunity for pregant talents to take a break from acting, may it be short-term or long-term

  • the opportunity for talents to settle a death-clause in their contracts, allowing their agents to continue selling their image for deepfake productions, even after they have passed, so that the earnings can benefit their children and grandchildren

  • the opportunity for talents to settle a disability-clause in their contracts, allowing their agents to continue selling their image for deepfake productions, even if the talent should get in an accident and be disabled, so that the earnings can still benefit the talent



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