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is a celebrated German producer, director, and writer who has made her mark in the Chinese film industry. In 2010, she founded GenFilms Productions in Chengdu, China, making her the first and only German female filmmaker and entrepreneur to successfully establish a theatrically licensed film production company in China. Since 2023 she specializes in the digital distribution of Asian cinematic films for global streaming platforms.





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All documentaries will be open for viewing in 2024. For precise dates and exclusive interviews, don't hesitate to click below.

2024 / 2025



"Pulling the Strings: The Puppeteer's Universe" is a thought-provoking documentary that delves into the world of influential Zionists and their political allies. It explores their alleged global dominance and the system they have purportedly designed to maintain this control. The film also examines the growing call among ordinary people for independence and rebellion against this perceived archaic system, highlighting the struggle for power and autonomy in today's complex geopolitical landscape.



"We the Volksdeutsche" delves into the intricate puppetry of American and British forces during the World Wars, the harsh annexation of German lands by Poland, and the ensuing German refugee crisis. It further uncovers the concealed reality behind Germany's gradual   and devistating deindustrialization.

Journey down the rabbit hole to explore the complex interplay of money, power, and dangerous neo-colonialism.

This documentary is an invitation to question, understand, and learn from our shared history.



"Germany's Secret Intelligence Service Nazi Past" explores the intriguing career of Reinhardt Gehlen, a German intelligence officer who served during the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany, and the Cold War. Unknown to many, Gehlen founded the German Secret Intelligence Service post-WWII despite his Nazi ties. This organization was funded by the U.S., which interestingly formed the CIA a year later. Today, both the BND and CIA share not only a common history but also a controversial past filled with criminal activities and bias.




"Gaza's Silent Cry" is a riveting documentary that illuminates the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict, anchored in its Zionist origins and Apartheid agenda. It exposes 76 years of Israeli war crimes inflicted upon  the Palestinians confined within what is often referred to as the Gaza concentration camp, drawing chilling comparisons to the reported horrors endured by Zionists during WWII. The film probes into the unsettling metamorphosis from victim to aggressor, scrutinizing attempts to manipulate historical narratives by using the Holocaust and Jewish faith as a shield for aggressive colonization of Palestinian territories. This documentary portrays a grim reality of life in Gaza, akin to living in a cage, compelling viewers to reflect on this multifaceted issue and to put the existence of Israel into question.


"Warlord Z" plunges into the clandestine political narrative underpinning the Ukrainian conflict, spotlighting its corrupt Zionist leader, Volodymyr Zelensky. The documentary unveils a meticulously crafted American strategy aimed at de-industrializing Germany to undermine Russia's strength, thereby leaving China more susceptible to U.S. military aggression. This is all part of an audacious plan to instigate a final global conflict and establish a single world government.

The film also explores Ukraine's role in this complex geopolitical chess game, unflinchingly revealing its mass genocide against the German Volksdeutsche and Poles. It delves into the coup d'etat on the Maidan, orchestrated by Ukraine's neo-nazis who are bankrolled by Zelensky's administration with one chilling objective: to breed a new generation primed for combat against Russians.



"Shadow of Power" is a compelling documentary that pierces through the shroud of bias enveloping the United Nations and its P5 member states. Born from the ashes of World War II, the UN was established by five allied nations, including China, who stood firm against Germany. These nations formed the Security Council, self-appointed themselves as permanent members, and endowed themselves with the potent power of veto. Since then, they have masterminded wars through NATO, leading to millions of casualties. The United Nations has been under a barrage of criticisms touching on various elements - from policy and ideology to equality in representation, administration, enforcement abilities, and ideological slant. The time has come to shatter the silence that surrounds this globalist agenda.




"Chang'e-4: The Dark Side of our Moon" illuminates the intriguing blend of conspiracy theories and factual discoveries surrounding the moon's far side. Thanks to China's successful lunar mission, we now have a wealth of data and footage from this enigmatic region. Yet, one revelation from Chang'e-4 has sparked a new mystery: the existence of subterranean structures on the moon.